Manage dataflow between Google Sheets & your favorite applications

Connects with Google Workspace, CRM, Productivity, Accounting, Ticketing, Marketing, Payment, Time tracking, Social Media apps & much more

What is Sheet Director?

Sheet Director is a Google Workspace add-on product that helps to manage and control bi-directional data flow between Google Sheets and several other applications like Google Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sheets, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho, etc. 

Key Service types

Key Features

►  Connect with Applications, through various authentication mechanisms (key, oAuth1, oAuth2, etc).

►  Manage Services - Store configuration as services that can be listed, edited, executed, and deleted.

►  Bi-directional data flow - Query (pull) and Post (push) service types.

►  Manual and automatic (scheduled) execution of services.

►  Success & Failure Notification of service execution with templated emails and Google Sheets content.

►  Execution Logs to monitor automated executions.

Supported Applications

Popular Apps

These apps are popular among the comprehensive list of supported apps.

App Categories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sheet Director work with the Gmail account?

Yes, Sheet Director works with both consumer (Gmail) and Google workspace accounts.

How do I buy a license?

You can buy a license at pricing page through PayPal or Stripe.

How many apps are supported?

Sheet Director integrates with 50+ apps and we are continuously adding to it.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we are a keen listener to support any issues or new features. Reach our Support here

Is there any discount?

Yes. Yearly plans come with 2 months free usage. Group plans come with group discounts based on the number of members in the group. 

Can I get an invoice for my payment?

Yes, you can get an invoice for your payment from 

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