Enriched Bulk Posting

Pushes data from Google Sheets into applications

Post service :

  • Post data from Google Sheets into any apps.

  • Apply a template to post sample data.

  • Bulk posting.

  • Automated Intelligent mapping to reduce manual mapping.

Use case

> Push all data from spreadsheet to Apps.

Google Sheets

Sheet Director

Your App

Sample post data


  • Select the entity object that you need to post to.

Source Sheet

  • Choose the sheet that contains post records.

  • Enter the Start at cell value.

(the default value is A1, if you change the value you need to refresh the header by clicking on the refresh icon on the side)

  • Select the Status column.

  • If the status column is not there, simply click the + button to add the status header to your sheet.

  • Select the Result column.

  • If the result column is not there, simply click the + button to add the result header to your sheet.


  • After selecting the entity it will ask for intelligent mapping.

  • If you need to do intelligent mapping click on the yes.

  • Intelligent mapping will map the matching fields automatically.

  • You can do manual mapping by selecting the Column dropdown.

  • You can delete the field by clicking on the delete icon on top of each filed map.

  • You can't delete mandatory* fields.

Apply Template

You can Apply a Template to add sample sheet data, that will map automatically

  • Click on execute will ask for confirmation

  • Click save to save the service

  • It will show number of records ready to post

  • Click post now to post the records on Insightly

It will show the counts of number of records posted successfully and failed to post

sample output: