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What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a web-based application that enables users to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data online in real time. Google Sheets is typically used for spreadsheet collaboration across different geographic locations. Multiple users can modify a Google Sheets document in real time, with changes tracked for each individual user.

How Sheet Director is used in Business?

Business owners uses Sheet Director for managing the data between Google Sheets and their favorite applications like Google Calendar, CRM apps, etc. Here we will see how all ways Sheet Director can be used by business people.

List Appointment/ Meeting details

Consider that you are in control of your company's sales division. Typically, your clients will set up appointments with you in Google Calendar. You now require information about the meetings that are scheduled for a specific week. You could use Sheet Director in this situation to obtain the details of the meetings scheduled for the given week in a Google Sheet.

How Sheet Director is used here:

Employee Time tracking

Think of yourself as the business's owner. Approximately 15 people work with your company. Your staff members are compelled to work remotely due to the pandemic crisis. You must now monitor your employees' activity when they are on the clock. As a result, you monitor your employees' activity using Clockify. The necessary data may be extracted from Clockify and presented in a Google Sheet using Sheet Director in this case.

How Sheet Director is used here:

Manage Tickets

Consider you are managing the support team of your company which has around 20 employees. As it is a small team all the employees will handle the customers. Your company uses Freshdesk for managing the tickets. At the end of the day you need a tracker to find the ticket details that are resolved and not resolved. Here you can use Sheet Director to automate this process.

How Sheet Director is used here:

Get Bulk Leads

Consider that your CRM account contains a large number of leads. For your official purpose, you now require all of your CRM application data on a single spreadsheet. On this situation, Sheet Director can be used to extract all of your data from CRM software and present it in a spreadsheet.

How Sheet Director is used here: