Educators uses Sheet Director for managing the data between Google Sheets and their favorite applications for sending emails, check calendar events & much more. Here we can see how all ways educators can use Google Sheets.

List Appointments/ Meetings

Imagine that you are a teacher and that you are instructing your students online. There are about 20 pupils in your class. You've told the students that they can book a meeting with you on Google Calendar if they have any questions. The number of meetings scheduled for a certain day must now be verified. In this case, you may utilize Sheet Director to get the information about the meetings planned for the specified day in a Google Sheet.

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Send Emails to students

Take into account that you are a teacher who has assessed your students. A spreadsheet is updated with the pupils' grades. Your students must now receive an email from you that includes a personalized message and a summary of their grades. In the same spreadsheet, the personalized messages and marks are updated. Here, you can send emails to the students from the spreadsheet data using Sheet Director.

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Get contents from Trello

Consider you are a teacher. You have assigned tasks to your students in Trello. Now you need to check the status of the student weather they have completed the task or not completed within the mentioned due date. In this case you can use Sheet Director to get data from Trello.

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List the Classwork's available

Imagine that you are the department head for a college. Your department's teachers have created class assignments for students on Google Classroom because they provide online classes. You must now keep track of the list of assignments made by your teachers in a Google Sheet. In this case you can use Sheet Director to get the details of the available Classwork's.

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