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Google Sheets + Google Sheets Integration

Distribute data from one Google Sheets into many Google Sheets, take backup and more

What is Sheet Director?

Sheet Director is a Google Workspace add-on that helps to manage and control bi-directional data flow between Google Sheets and several other applications like Google Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sheets, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho etc. 

It is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Please check the Installation instructions to install the add-on. 

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included as part of a free, web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. 

In Sheet Director Google Sheets application is used to segment a field by using a particular parameter and store the particular data in a new Google Sheet or an existing Sheet.

Use Case(s)

> Distribute: Segment data from a source sheet and send that data across 'n' number of sheets based on configuration.

> Backup: Backup the whole sheet to the drive folder.

> Consolidate: Combine data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet.

Google Sheets

Sheet Director

Google Sheets

Distribute Service

Choosing App and Service

    Distribute sends sheet data to different sheets.

    Backup sends a backup to the selected folder.

Select the Google Sheet configuration required.

Segmentation is a process of grouping the spreadsheet data by values of the selected field.

Filter is a process of grouping spreadsheet data based on filter conditions.

Filter data

If the filters match the data, then the data will be distributed into the corresponding spreadsheet.

If none of the filters match the data, then the data should be distributed to another spreadsheet.

Original Sheet

Filter output sheet

Here the branch rating greater than 2 is displayed as per the given condition.

Segment data

Google Sheet Configuration:



The purpose of Auto Create new segments is to automatically create new spreadsheet with segment name if the segments are not configured.

Scheduler Settings:

Notification Settings:

Original Sheet

Source sheet from which you need to distribute data across different sheets.

Output Sheet

Output sheet where data is distributed to one of the configured output sheet. (From above source sheet all Queries assigned to "Mithun" will be distributed to configured output sheet)

Backup Sheet Service

Backup sends a whole spreadsheet backup to the selected folder in drive.

Drive Backup

Consolidate service

Consolidate service combines data from all selected spreadsheets into one destination sheet.

Consider this scenario: Class X of a school has two sections X.A & X.B. Both section students have attended an exam and their marks are generated separately. Now the teacher needs to get the list of candidates from both classes who have failed the exam in a spreadsheet

Marks of students X.A

Marks of students X.B

From Marks of students of X.B

From Marks of students of X.A

Sample Output

Here only the students failed with less than 200  marks is displayed here.

Automate Service

Demo Video: How to integrate Google Sheets & Automate Service?

Automate Service has Three major sections


A trigger is an event which is captured and identified

For Example: A change in the Google Sheets tab, or a Change in a Particular Row. 

Available Triggers are:


A circumstances or requirements that need to be met for executing the actions,

(This is optional, if you do not want the conditions then you can simply turn off the On Condition Switch)

Available conditions:


Actions are the operation which is going to be performed after on the Trigger is executed or the conditions are satisfied

Available Actions:

Use Cases:

With this you can resolve a lot of real-life use cases here are a few.


Let's Assume one of our sample from the above use case
"Removing the duplicate records whenever a new row is updated in the Google Sheets".

(The conditions are not required, so skipping)


What is the maximum number of fields  Segmented in Google Sheets ?

Currently 'n' number of fields can be segmented. There is no limit for the number of fields to be Segmented.

How to find the configured and non configured data in segments section of Google Sheets ?

The data which is configured will be highlighted with blue colour , and the data which is not configured will not be highlighted.

Is segmenting by Date field is possible in segmentation ?

No, Segmenting  by Date field is not possible in segmentation . Date format is not supported in the segments section