Set Up

How to setup Sheet Director

  • Open a new Spreadsheet.
  • Click on "Add-ons" Menu > Sheet Director > Start Setup

  • Select the required app needed.

Configure Apps and Services:

  • Mention a name for the service.
  • Select the application required.
  • Select the service corresponding to the application selected.

Run automatically:

  • Run automatically is switched on to schedule a service.
  • Scheduling a service is done to run a service in background at a regular interval of time.
  • This Schedule process runs in the background for the selected time interval and executes the services over that particular period of time.
  • Scheduling is done by selecting a particular time interval and the corresponding period.
  • Select the interval as Hourly.
  • The time period for hourly can be scheduled for every 1 hour , 2 hour ...... until every 12 hours.
  • Less than 1 hour cannot be scheduled in scheduling process.
  • The time period for daily look like the following image in the screenshot.
  • Execute :

Click on "Execute" to execute the services, the execute function automatically saves the services also.

  • Save :

Click on "Save"to save the services.

  • Back :

Click on "Back" to exit the services.