Sellers uses Sheet Director for managing the data between Google Sheets and their favorite applications like Google Calendar, CRM apps, etc. Let us see how all ways Google Sheets can be used by Sellers.

List Appointments/ Meetings

Imagine that you are in charge of the sales department at your corporation. Typically, Google Calendar is used by your clients to schedule appointments with you. You now need details about the meetings that are planned for a particular week. In this case, you can utilize Sheet Director to get the information about the meetings planned for the specified week in a Google Sheet.

How Sheet Director is used here:

Demo calls

Imagine that you are in charge of the company's sales division. You hold demo calls with your clients to explain about your product, which are scheduled in Google Calendar. You now want a list of the demo calls you participated in throughout the previous month. To obtain data from Google Calendar and present it in a spreadsheet, use Sheet Director here.

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CRM qualified leads

Imagine that you are in charge of a company's sales crew. To generate leads, you employ a number of CRM programmes. The CRM software contain all of the leads' data. Now you need to compile all of your qualified leads into a spreadsheet so you can use them quickly as needed. You can utilize Sheet Director in this situation.

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Get Contacts

Consider that you are a seller and that you are promoting a product made by your business to a global clientele. Your Google Contacts app contains a few of your contacts. For formal purposes, you currently need a few connections from Google Contacts. To pull all the information from Google Contacts and place it on a Google Sheet, you can use Sheet Director in this case.

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Distribute order list

Consider you are handling the sales department of your company. You have ordered some raw materials for three different departments of your company. Now the order details should be send to the three departments in such a way that the Engineering department should only receive the raw materials ordered for Engineering department only. In this case you can use Sheet Director to distribute the data to 3 different department.

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