"Very good tool. This is a great product produced by a team. Highly recommend!"

~ Venkat Rao 

"I so far have limited use of this product but from what I can tell, overall, I think Sheet Director could be a very productive and advantageous tool for me in regard to data syncing QuickBooks Online with Google Sheets and/or Excel."

~ Luke Gilbert 

"A fantastic tool that we plan to use often. The product works great, is very reliable and is flawless. Should allow us to save many hours of labour and headache."

~ Oliver Brinkmann 

"Fantastic product with a very responsive support team to back it up, Sheet Director has saved my company 100s of labor hours! The Cin7 API was still in its infancy when we first tried Sheet Director and a week or two later after working with their team they added every feature we could ask for (literally). Highly recommend."

~ Scott 

"FANTASTIC!!! - LESS WORK FOR ME!!!! (and worries) Now the responsibility is back with the client and not me to apply for service via the sheet form!! Thank you Jivrus!!!"

~ Spokesbody replacement 

"It takes a bit of learning, but it's a very powerful tool capable of more than I think I'd ever need. I use it for a complex auto-scheduling spreadsheet that works with google calendar, but I know there's so much more it can do. I like how they keep adding and refining features, and how communicative the support team is. Couldn't be happier. "

~ Michael Fortner

"Great application which helps me organize my work porfessenaly "

~ Ahmed Kadhim

"This is a great product produced by a team of people that are responsive to their user base. I submitted a request for a addition to functionality that was answered promptly and implemented quickly. Highly recommend. "

~ Taylor Smith

"The excellent people at Jivrus are making wonderful tools we use every day in our business.  They are very responsive to questions and suggestions and are truly interested in making their products better and listening to the feedback and ideas of people using them in the real world.  If you ever dealt with some companies where you try to communicate something you know is important, and they either do not reply or give you some inadequate reply, Jivrus company is the opposite of that.  They reply thoroughly and truly listen to your concern or idea.  Their products work great, and when I made a few suggestions they immediately made them and this is a rare thing! "

~ Italy Denim Group

"Very happy with my subscription. Very reliable and smooth. It’s a game changer. 

Special thanks to the support team for being responsive always. 

Highly recommend this if you’re looking to automate your leads from google sheet into Zoho CRM or others!"

~ Mohammed Al-Maimani

"The tool is amazing! And the team support very efficient! "

~ Gustavo Aparecido

"Great add-on for harnessing your data and integrating it from various sources. The Jivrus team has excellent customer support. We have been a user of their other products for years, "Sheet Director" opens up many more possibilities in our efforts to streamline and automate. "

~ CIC Admin

"Super impressed with Jivirus and the entire team.  As a new user, I needed a few tweeks to be able to replace another subscription I had been using.  The responses to my questions were quick (less than 24 hrs.) and the additions I requested were added within a week.  I have experienced great follow up.  As to previous mentions about Google issues, I spoke with G Suite Cloud support prior to implementing as I have to follow HIPAA guidelines.   I received assurance that as a Cloud Partner, Jivirus is a safe bet.  Highly recommend. "

~ Cris Bartlett

"I found it very useful. It is a great idea and work¡ Congratulations to the team¡ "

~ A User of Sheet Director

"Excellent Hubspot integration. Great support team too! "

~ A User of Sheet Director

"This app is a life saver,  it helps us automate a lot which saves us a lot of money. 

Their customer service is the best I have ever seen, they fix the issues immediately and they're very calm and understanding and helpful. "

~ Shmaya Schwartz

"Very pleased with this app and the team behind it. We had a few bugs with Quickbooks and the team got them fixed basically overnight. This is a GREAT app for pulling detailed information into Google Sheets and allowing you to manipulate things as needed. I'm excited to see how this app keeps growing overtime."

~ A User of Sheet Director

"Very good and useful extension! 5*"

~ A User of Sheet Director

"Great interaction between Google Sheet and Trello. Just what I needed!"

~ A User of Sheet Director

"Long list of supported apps. Works well for pulling data from my apps. thanks"

~ A User of Sheet Director

"Great product! Did exactly what I needed it to do!!"

~ A User of Sheet Director