Frequently asked Questions

General FAQ's

What is Sheet Director ?

Sheet Director is Google Workspace add-on that helps to manage and control bi-directional data flow between Google Sheets and several other applications like Google Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sheets, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho etc.

Can I use Sheet Director if I have a Gmail account?

Yes, you can use from Gmail account or Google workspace accounts.

What Applications are supported in Sheet Director ?

Please see Apps Page for supported applications. We are using 2 applications.

Quota and License

What is meant by quota in Sheet Director?

Quota refers to the successful execution of a service configured in Sheet Director for a particular pricing plan.

How quota is calculated in Sheet Director?

Quota is measured as one successful execution of a service configured in Sheet Director. It encompasses all activities done within a service including notifications. Refer below for records (rows) processed.

Learn more @ pricing

How do I check my current usage?
How do I check my remaining quota

You can check your current usage and remaining quota under Account section in Sheet Director

  • Open Sheet Director

  • Click on Menu ☰ (top left corner)

  • Click on Account menu

  • You will see your account details like plan, validity

  • You will also see the usage/quota/balance

Menu > Account ==> You will see the account screen

Does my plan get renewed automatically?

  • If you have taken the plan via PayPal, it gets renewed automatically until cancellation.

  • If you have taken the plan through manual request, it does not get renewed automatically. You need to renew it manually again or can pay via PayPal to get renewed automatically.

Account Ownership / Transfer

How do I transfer my account to another account?

At times, you would want to transfer/migrate Sheet Director usage from one account to another account. (due to employee changes or reorganization in email etc)

Follow the steps below to run Sheet Director from another account.

  1. Ensure that the Google Sheets are transferred to the new email account. There are two ways you can transfer the sheets.

  • Share and transfer ownership

Steps to be followed

  1. Before sharing the sheet you need to turn off the scheduler Automate setup.

  2. Ensure that the Google Sheet is shared with edit access to the new email account.

  • Clone/ Duplicate the Spreadsheet

steps to be followed

  1. If the current email account is going to be suspended or deleted, ensure that you share all these files (Google Sheets) to the new email account from Google Drive.

  2. Once you shared, make a copy of the shared spreadsheet from the new account. For the steps visit here

  3. Now you can proceed with using Sheet Director from the copied spreadsheet, you must see all the old services from the old spreadsheet in your newly copied spreadsheet now.

  1. Once you have done with transferring sheet using any of the above methods, you can contact us by raising a ticket request and tell us from which account to which account you want us to transfer the license.

  2. Wait to get the confirmation mail from us (Usually happens within two business days or sooner)

  3. Soon after you get the confirmation email you can open Sheet Director from the new email account.

  4. You can turn on the Automate setup in case you want the scheduler to be run in the background, (otherwise, you can ignore this step).

Then Sheet Director will start running from the new email account.

Note: The new email account shall have active plan


I have setup everything but why Automatic Schedule is not getting executed?

Please check the following

  1. Keep monitoring the execution log. Refer Execution Logs

  2. Check whether master setup is Activated. Refer Scheduler for instructions. Try switching off and on.


What is the minimum time interval for Scheduling ?

The minimum time interval for Scheduling is 1 hour. Less than 1 hour cannot be Scheduled in Sheet Director.

Can we Schedule different Services at the same time ?

Yes, we can schedule different services at the same time.

Privacy Related

Can Jivrus employees access data in the connected app accounts?

No, All the service details are stored in the customer's Google Sheet only. And we don't have any access to the Google Sheet of customer. Sheet Director server stores only id and analytics info such as email ID, quota details, usage, etc and does not store any other configuration or transactional data.

Does the app have access to all data in the connected app accounts, or just the areas where the user "points to"?

We are using industry-standard authorization types such as OAuth1, OAtuh2, etc. And it is a scope-based authorization so the Sheet Director has only access to the scope which we are asking for while authorization.

Can Jivrus employees access data in the spreadsheets?

No. we cannot access the data until or unless the customer explicitly shares the Google Sheet with us.