Frequently asked Questions


What Applications are supported in Sheet Director ?

Please see Apps Page for supported applications. We are using 2 applications.

Quota and License


I have setup everything but why Automatic Schedule is not getting executed?

Please check the following

  1. Keep monitoring the execution log. Refer Execution Logs

  2. Check whether master setup is Activated. Refer Scheduler for instructions. Try switching off and on.


What is the minimum time interval for Scheduling ?

The minimum time interval for Scheduling is 1 hour. Less than 1 hour cannot be Scheduled in Sheet Director.

Can we Schedule different Services at the same time ?

Yes, we can schedule different services at the same time.

Privacy Related

Can Jivrus employees access data in the connected app accounts?

No, All the service details are stored in the customer's Google Sheet only. And we don't have any access to the Google Sheet of customer. Sheet Director server stores only id and analytics info such as email ID, quota details, usage, etc and does not store any other configuration or transactional data.

Does the app have access to all data in the connected app accounts, or just the areas where the user "points to"?

We are using industry-standard authorization types such as OAuth1, OAtuh2, etc. And it is a scope-based authorization so the Sheet Director has only access to the scope which we are asking for while authorization.

Can Jivrus employees access data in the spreadsheets?

No. we cannot access the data until or unless the customer explicitly shares the Google Sheet with us.