Frequently asked Questions


What Applications are supported in Sheet Director ?

Please see Apps Page for supported applications. We are using 2 applications.

Google Sheets:

What is the maximum number of fields Segmented in Google Sheets ?

Currently 'n' number of fields can be segmented. There is no limit for the number of fields to be Segmented.

How to find the configured and non configured data in segments section of Google Sheets ?

The data which is configured will be highlighted with blue colour , and the data which is not configured will not be highlighted.

Is segmenting by Date field is possible in segmentation ?

No, Segmenting by Date field is not possible in segmentation . Date format is not supported in the segments section


If PDF name is not entered , then how it will save the PDF file ?

If PDF name is not entered, the PDF file will be created with a default name. The default name format is (Service Name_Date_Time).

If Range and Embed as Inline Table are selected , and if the range contains any empty rows, will it delete the empty rows ?

Yes it will remove all the empty rows . If "Embed as Inline Table" is selected it will remove all empty rows in that particular range.

Schedule :

What is the minimum time interval for Scheduling ?

The minimum time interval for Scheduling is 1 hour. Less than 1 hour cannot be Scheduled in Sheet Director.

Can we Schedule different Services at the same time ?

Yes, we can schedule different services at the same time.