Business intelligence with Sheet Director 

on Google Sheets and Looker Studio


In today's fast-paced business landscape, data-driven decision-making has become a key factor for success. As a software products development company, Jivrus Technologies is at the forefront of empowering businesses. Among our comprehensive product lineup, Jivrus Looker Studio Connector stands out as a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing data on Looker Studio. 

However, Looker Studio Connectors by architecture currently can connect with only a single client account at a time. This means some users, typically agencies that work with multiple clients have encountered limitations when it comes to using multiple client accounts. 

To overcome this hurdle and unlock the true potential of data, we recommend "Sheet Director" to such users. This game-changing product enables seamless data integration between multiple Google accounts and Google Sheets. Once you receive the data on Google Sheets, you can visualize it on Looker Studio with Google's native connector. 

This connectivity and ability to bring a wide range of application data with multi-client accounts is revolutionizing business intelligence and decision-making. 

Introducing Sheet Director: 

At Jivrus Technologies, we understand the importance of data accessibility and collaboration. Sheet Director is our innovative solution, designed to streamline data integration across multiple applications into Google Sheets. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities empower users to centralize data and enhance collaboration effortlessly. 

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Overcoming the Multiple Account Challenge

Using multiple accounts within Looker Studio has been a challenge for some users. Sheet Director bridges this gap by enabling seamless data aggregation, transformation, and sharing across various Google Sheets, regardless of the applications and client accounts, they come from. This consolidation of data from multiple client accounts and applications eliminates the need for cumbersome manual switching, empowering users with a unified and comprehensive data environment. 

Seamless Import to Looker Studio: 

With data centralized within Google Sheets via Sheet Director, the process of importing data into Looker Studio becomes a breeze. Leveraging the Google Sheet connector, a free offering by Google, users can seamlessly pull data from their Google Sheets. This frictionless integration allows businesses to focus on generating valuable insights and impactful reports in Looker Studio. 

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity: 

The synergy between Sheet Director and Looker Studio empowers users to unlock the true potential of their data. With effortless data integration and real-time updates, businesses gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions. Customizable reports, interactive dashboards, and visualizations in Looker Studio translate raw data into meaningful insights, fostering a culture of informed decision-making. 

In a world where teamwork drives success, Sheet Director's ability to centralize data promotes enhanced collaboration among team members. Real-time access to shared Google Sheets encourages cross-functional discussions, idea sharing, and collective problem-solving. This collaborative environment boosts productivity and sparks innovation across the organization. 

Security and Reliability: 

As a software products development company, Jivrus Technologies prioritizes data security and reliability. Sheet Director employs robust access controls and permissions, ensuring data confidentiality and governance. Users can trust our solutions to safeguard their critical information and make data integration a secure and seamless process. 


In the pursuit of data-driven excellence, businesses cannot afford to be limited by siloed accounts and data complexities. Sheet Director empowers organizations to transcend these challenges, offering a seamless bridge between multiple client accounts/ applications and Looker Studio. By centralizing data and enabling frictionless integration, businesses can focus on harnessing the full potential of their data, fostering better decision-making, collaboration, and innovation.