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Sheet Director as an alternative to Power My Analytics

If you're looking for an "Alternatives to Power My Analytics" then this article is exactly for you.

Sheet Director could be one of the best alternatives to Power My Analytics in terms of the granular features it offers for the user's flexibility, also it has the rising GenAI features which helps the users to generate, modify, improvise the contents at one place. 

What is Sheet Director?

What is Power My Analytics?

Sheet Director is a Google Sheets add-on that allows users to integrate Google Sheets with various external applications and services such as Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Drive, Trello, and more.

It enables users to automate workflows, create custom reports, synchronize data, and perform various tasks directly from within Google Sheets. With Sheet Director, users can streamline their processes, save time, and enhance productivity by leveraging the power of Google Sheets along with other tools and services

Power My Analytics is a marketing data hub that automates the integration and warehousing of key metrics from various sources into preferred data visualization, analytics, and spreadsheet tools, such as Google Sheets.

It provides seamless API connections and data warehousing with daily refreshes, supporting unlimited spreadsheets. Originally developed by a web analytics consulting agency to streamline client reporting, Power My Analytics connects with popular platforms like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Amazon, Shopify, and more to enable data-driven marketing. 

How Sheet Director can be a better alternative to Power My Analytics?


Sheet Director

Power My Analytics


Starts from $29

Starts from $39.95


Unlimited connections on paid plans

Limited connections on paid plans


Supports Bi-directional data flow from Apps to Sheets

Uni-directional data flow, only from Apps to Sheets


Scheduler is available

Scheduler is not available


Filters are available

Filters are available

Limit Query Data

Max result can be set while querying the data

You cannot limit the queried data 

AI Capabilities

Rich set of AI functions

Not Available

Google Workspace Integration

Google Calendar, Gmail, Contacts, Tasks and 7 more applications

Integrates only with Youtube and Analytics