Why Buy ?

10 reasons why you should buy "Sheet Director"?

Popular add-on that manages bi-directional data flow - Query (pull) and Post (push) between Google Sheets and your favourite applications.

  • Connect with Applications, through various authentication mechanism (key, OAuth1, OAuth2 etc).
  • Very simple and easy user interface.
  • Multiple Apps and Services integration. Integrated with 30+ apps (Supported Apps).
  • Manage Services - Store configuration as services that can be listed, edited, executed and deleted.
  • Save multiple application services and use it when you need.
  • Comprehensive Query features like - filters, sort, limits, macros
  • Easy and Guided record posting to any app
  • Send your own customized emails on service execution to your audience.
  • Get notified when an error occurred.
  • Execution Logs to monitor automated executions.

  • Unlimited email support, we love answering you. Contact Us.
  • Quick turnaround and resolution on bugs or issues.
  • Continuously adding more features (Ask for a new Feature) and improving stability and performance.
  • Dedicated website with rich set of materials, articles and blog posts.