Success Notifications

What is success notification

When a service is scheduled to run automatically in the background, user would want to get notified on successful execution. Success notification feature of Sheet Director helps to achieve this.

  • Sheet Director sends notification when the service gets executed successfully.
  • Success notification can be configured with a templated message as per the user's need
  • Success notification can be configured to include more details like sheets data as inline table / pdf.

Notification Settings

Contents of Success Notification

    1. Email Template
    2. Attachments
    3. Add attachment from Google Sheet

Email Template

In Email Template users can customize their templated email and send it to their audience upon requirement. For more information about email template read Templated Messages page.


  • Click Pick Drive Files to attach files from drive.
  • Select the required file that needs to be attached with email.
  • Any type of files can be attached to email.
  • The details of the selected file will be displayed below the button.
  • Click the delete icon to delete the files attached from drive.
  • All the files selected here will be attached to the email

Add attachment from Google Sheet

  • Switch On Add attachments from Google Sheet to attach sheet tabs to email.
  • Select Full Sheet or Range.
  • If Range is selected mention the required rage of values.
  • Switch on Embed as Inline Table if the content should be send in inline table (embedded in the body of email)
  • Switch on Ignore empty rows if empty rows needs to be ignored.
  • Switch on Attach PDF if the content should be send as a PDF file.

Sample success notification