Email :

Email application is used to collect data from Google Sheet as inline email content and/or attach as PDF

  • Select application as Email.

  • In Email Configuration select the sheet in which data needs to be send as PDF or Inline table.

  • Select Full Sheet or Range , so that the full sheet or a particular range values can be send to email as PDF or Inline Table.

  • Switch on Attach PDF , to attach PDF along with email.

  • Select a folder from drive to save the generated PDF file and provide a proper name for the PDF file, if PDF name is not given it will automatically create a default PDF name.

  • If Range is selected, a switch with the name Embed as Inline Table with a check box will be displayed.

  • If Embed as Inline Table is checked, it will remove all the empty rows and display only the tables with contents.

  • Click on Edit Template and edit the email structure as required.
  • Customize the Email Template as required.
  • Save the template and click Execute to execute the services.