Query from Zoho into Google Sheets or Post data from Google Sheets into Zoho using Sheet Director.

What is Sheet Director?

Sheet Director is a G Suite add-on that helps to manage and control bi-directional data flow between Google Sheets and several other applications like Google Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sheets, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho etc.

It is available in the G Suite Marketplace and Chrome Web Store. Please check Installation instructions to install the add-on.

What is Zoho?

Zoho is an application that integrates Zoho apps with Google Sheets and helps users to get data from several application objects and reports from Zoho into Google Sheets.

Zoho Apps

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an web-based CRM designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow their business. It works well regardless if you're a small business, an entrepreneur, or a large enterprise. Zoho CRM can automate daily business activities, track sales, and engage customers in different platforms

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is all-inclusive accounting software that helps you manage your receivables and payables, get tax-ready, collaborate with employees, automate your workflows, and keep an eye on your financials

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a billing and invoice software that lets you craft and send beautiful invoices to your customers. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, Zoho Invoice is the best invoicing partner for freelancers and small business owners.

Zoho Expence

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software. It automates recording of expenses from receipts to avoid manual data entry. You can also connect your credit cards to import credit card statements to click and convert statements. You can group together a bunch of expenses and create an expense report.

Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is a cloud-based recurring billing and subscription solution designed to handle every aspect of your subscription-based business. This innovative and simple app helps you address payment failures and chase overdue payments from your clients using the dunning management feature.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. Work Modes organize your tickets based on due time or customer type, so you know which ticket needs you first. -Zoho Desk brings in customer information from Zoho CRM, so you can put a face to each ticket.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution designed for small and midsize companies. It offers project scheduling and budgeting, which allows project managers to define project tasks, assign them to their teams, estimate project costs and follow up on in-progress tasks.

Zoho BugTracker

Zoho BugTracker is the collaborative bug tracking software from Zoho, a brand trusted by 35 million users worldwide. ... Set up automatic notifications, business rules and custom workflows to follow and close bugs faster. Define realistic expectations for your clients and surpass them with Service Level Agreements.

Use Case(s):

> Pull all data from ZohoCRM with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoBooks with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoInvoice with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoExpence with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoSubscriptions with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoProjects with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

> Pull all data from ZohoBugTracker with Sheet Director and store it into a spreadsheet.

Zoho Apps

Sheet Director

Google Sheets

Setting up Zoho in Sheet Director

Choosing App and Service:

  • Select Zoho from the list of applications.
  • Select service as Query.
  • Switch on Run Automatically if the queries needs to be executed in regular intervals.

Zoho Configuration:

  • Select the Zoho apps that are required.
  • Click connect button and then click Connect with Zoho button to authorize with Zoho.
  • Select the required business.
  • Select the application that is required.
  • Click on 'Connect with Zoho'


  • The Zoho authorization confirmation window will open
  • Accept the confirmation
  • After success message you can close the window and get back to sheet director

Choose Configuration

  • Now the connected message will shown
  • Select the Business required
  • Select the object that what entity you need to query

Custom Query (COQL)

CRM Object Query Language(COQL)

Zoho CRM Supports COQL

COQL is a query language based on SQL syntax. It helps the users write their own queries to get records from Zoho CRM by using field API names instead of column names and module API names instead of table names.

  • COQL supports SELECT query with the clauses WHERE, FROM, ORDER BY, LIMIT, and OFFSET
  • COQL keywords are not case-sensitive. SELECT is the same as select.
  • By default, system sorts the records in ascending order based on the record ID, if you do not include order by in the query.
  • The default value for LIMIT is 200 and OFFSET is 0.

Example Query :

SELECT field_api_name1, field_api_name2
FROM base_module_api_name
WHERE field_api_name comparator logical_operator field_api_name comparator
ORDER BY field_api_name ASC/DESC
LIMIT offset, limit
SELECT First_Name, Last_Name, Full_Name
FROM Leads
WHERE Last_Name = 'Rogers' and First_name = 'Steve'
ORDER BY Full_Name
LIMIT 10, 2

For more details about COQL Click here


  • You can filter the records that you need
  • Select the Field
  • Select the Operator
  • Select the value for field


  • You can Sort the records that you need in order
  • Select the Field
  • Select the Order
  • Select the maximum result that is required.
  • Select the destination sheet to save the data or create a new sheet by clicking the Add new icon.
  • Give Start Cell Value
  • You can exclude the header by switching off the include header toggle
  • If you need to clear the existing records in spreadsheet on the "Clear sheet before execution" toggle
  • Click on execute to pull the data into sheet
  • Click save to save the service

Sample Output